Frequently asked questions

Functional education devices don’t hurt. Your teeth might feel sensitive in the morning when you wake up – this proves that your device is effective and that your teeth are moving into the right

You can eat anything you like because the device is not worn during meals. However, be careful
not to eat too much candy and to brush your teeth after meals.

Your practitioner is the only one able to answer this question. He should have told you at the beginning of the treatment. If you are not sure, ask your practitioner during your next

Your functional education device is your new friend and you should take it with you everywhere you go. Take it with you on holiday and when you stay over at a friend’s house or with family.

You need to take your device everywhere you go. If you are afraid to forget it, your practitioner can give you two devices so you can have one in each home.

If your device is damaged, it means you are not taking care of it when you wear it or that you clench your teeth too much when you sleep. This will be corrected. Your practitioner might give you another one during your next appointment but keep wearing it in the meantime.

The devices are made of biocompatible material that does present any risk to your health. The colourings we use are edible food colourings and the mint flavour is the same as you can find in chewing-gum, for example. 

Functional education devices can be prescribed by practitioners for children from the age of 3.

You just need to clean it with your toothbrush and toothpaste under running water. If ever the device falls on the floor or your pet licks it, just boil it for a few minutes. After boiling, the device might be cloudy. This is caused by limestone in the water. You just need to clean it with your toothbrush and toothpaste for it to recover its shiny aspect. Be careful to dry your device properly before putting it back into the box, otherwise it will smell bad.

No, you should only wear your device at home during quiet times. If ever you go on a school trip, you can take your device to wear at night. 

If you have a cold, you need to blow your nose properly before wearing the device in the evening. You can also use a nasal wash to clear your sinuses. You can then wear your device. You might lose the device during the night, but you will still benefit from the time it was worn.  

It is a link to find the videos with the exercises. You need to do the exercises recommended by your practitioner.

The devices are usually worn with the front waterdrops facing downwards. If ever there are waterdrops facing both upwards and downwards, you need to refer to the arrow, which should be pointing up. 

Feel free to ask your practitioner if you have any other questions